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Anxiety In Children

How Do You Stop Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children is a growing concern that is happening across the continents. Gone are the days when anxiety was the domain of solely adults. As kids are exposed to stress, they are getting affected by anxiety as well.

What happens when you are young can have a deep impact in future life. It is the parent’s responsibility to identify anxiety in children and address the issue at the beginning itself before it begins to affect the personality of the individual.

Psychological Help Might Be Needed

Anxiety in children needs to be addresses specially. This is best achieved by a trained medical professional. Individual psychotherapy is considered the first line of treatment by many doctors. If the child believes that he is a failure then it is going to have a serious repercussion on him – provide him the confidence he needs and the love and support from you will assure him that everything is all right. Group psychotherapy works by reassuring the child that he is not alone. There are others like him who faces the same situation. You can also consider this.

Children live with their parents and so, they need to be guided as well on ways to handle anxiety in children at home. So apart from the kids, their parents also need to attend guidance sessions. Often the entire family is involved as the child’s entire environment should be compassionate and encouraging. If you feel that the reason for the caused anxiety is school, then it is probably better to opt for school based counseling.

It is necessary to understand the emotional needs of the child if we are to stop anxiety in children. And both teachers and parents have a crucial role in this. They should put in an effort to remain extra calm and patient. Any situation which triggers anxiety in children should be planned for ahead of time, in order to manage the situation in the best way possible. Probably the best way to fight anxiety in children is by constantly praising and encouraging him – this is a strategy that should give good results. Special care is taken for children whose anxiety is due to school phobias. When this happens, teachers need to allow late arrival and thus provide extra time and even allow slow responses while working. A cooperative teacher is a great help.

Seek A Doctor’s Help If Needed

There are many drugs that address the problem of anxiety in children. The most common used line of drugs is the antidepressants. Hold your horses – it may take up to two to four weeks after the drugs have been administered for the results to start come in. And you will also need to check for possible side effects.

Medication is never enough to solve the issue. The home and environment is equally, if not more important. Yes, there may be severe cases when medication is the only hope, but generally the drug and the environment should work hand in hand to solve the anxiety in children problem.